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Get your iPhone 4/4s unlocked at the lowest price

unlock iphone 4sWe are now official partners with OfficialiPhoneUnlock. They are the No #1 iPhone unlocking provider and one of the cheapest unlocking services on the web. They have excellent feedback from customers, and you can get the permanent factory unlock for your iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S or 5. OfficialiPhoneunlock is 100% safe and does not share your information with anyone.

Don't wait for the unofficial methods or bother trying to learn how to unlock your iPhone yourself. Get rid of those gevey sim transistors and free yourself from worries of updating your iPhone to the latest firmware! Yes, when you get your iPhone unlocked with offcialiphoneunlock, you can safely update your iPhone to whatever firmware you like and take your phone anywhere in the world.

All you gotta do is give them your phone's IMEI number (can be retrieved by dialing *#06#) and purchase the unlock and wait for a few days (usually 1-2 days) to get email from them confirming you unlock. You then simply have to connect your iPhone with iTunes and BOOM! your iPhone unlocked for a lifetime!

Congratulations you have now successfully Factory Unlock iPhone

So what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone unlocked today!

The Simplest and Best Way to Unlock iPhone 4s

The best way to unlock iPhone 4s is through a 'factory' unlock. A 'factory' unlock is easy, effective and hassle free. It keeps your warranty valid and allows you to get your iOS updated as often as needed. One of the best providers of the factory unlocking service is OfficialiPhoneUnlock. Their service is efficient and reliable. They have helped over 110,000 users to professionally unlock iPhone 4s and other iPhone models. Your precious iPhone 4s can also be handled professionally. You too can unlock your iPhone through them and enjoy these benefits:

Benefits of Unlocking your iPhone 4s The Official Way

Enjoy Lower Rates When You Travel

If you are about to travel out of the country and you will like to get your phone unlocked in a safe and professional way, you’ve come to the right place. Once you get your iPhone unlocked, you will be able to use any mobile carrier you want. You won’t need to pay high roaming charges and you will be able to make international and local calls and surf the internet at very low rates.

Keep Your Apple Warranty

The 'factory' unlocking service offers several benefits over the use of software. First, Apple will continue to provide you with professional support because factory unlocking preserves your iPhone 4s warranty. So you can take your unlocked iPhone to any Apple service center to get your phone fixed, if necessary. But if you use software to unlock your phone, you will end up forfeiting your phone’s warranty.

In addition, a 'factory' unlock enables you to enjoy regular updates of iOS and iTunes. This will allow you to enjoy all the new features released by Apple. Using software to jailbreak your iPhone will deny you access to automatic updates.

Preserve Your Personal Data, Applications and Hardware

Using a factory unlock for your iPhone 4s will help you to keep all your data, phone settings and personal information. The process does not delete any applications. Whereas the software unlock always changes the settings of your phone and can sometimes cause virus attacks and permanent damage of your phone.

Unlocking your iPhone through OfficialiPhoneUnlock will preserve your phone’s hardware and software. It will give you the freedom to enjoy cheaper telecom services offered by other GSM providers and help you to save cost. In fact, your unlocked phone will even have a higher second hand value.

All Major Telecom Carriers Are Supported

Virtually all the major international mobile carriers are supported by this service. So if you are currently on networks like Verizon wireless, AT&T, Vodafone, Optus, Sprint or T-mobile, the best way to unlock your iPhone 4s is through OfficialiPhoneUnlock. Regardless of the country you are in right now, you can get your iPhone unlocked today. You don’t have to be in the same country as your mobile carrier to have your iPhone unlocked.

Unlock All iPhone Models With Ease

This service supports virtually all iPhone models from 2G to 5S. It does not matter whether your phone is fresh from the box (that means it has never been activated) or if it has been activated with iCloud or iTunes. Even if it has just been newly restored, it can still be unlocked by OfficialiPhoneUnlock. All basebands, boot loaders and firmware versions are supported because this method does not require any use of software. It is done through Apple’s official IMEI database.

How to Factory Unlock iPhone 4s 

Using a professional unlocking service like OfficialiPhoneUnlock is very easy. You don’t need to download any buggy software or worry about viruses that can attack your PC or iPhone while unlocking it. You will also pay far less than what your telecom provider will charge you for this service.

To get your iPhone 4s phone unlocked, take these simple steps:

  1. Get the serial number (IMEI) for your phone. You can do that right now by dialing *#060#.
  2. Visit the official website of Official iPhone Unlock.
  3. Give them your IMEI. Within 48 hours you will receive feedback through e-mail. Then you will be able to connect your iPhone to the iTunes app store and your phone will be marked as officially unlocked forever.

Once your iPhone is permanently marked in Apple’s official IMEI database as unlocked, you will no longer have any network restrictions and you’ll be able to use any network’s SIM in any country you are.

So it really makes the decision simple doesn't it... Unlock your iPhone 4s today!

How to Unlock iPhone 4 without Voiding Warranty

Without the help of a professional service, like OfficialiPhoneUnlock, the necessary steps on how to unlock iPhone 4 / 4S can prove to be tedious and even damaging.

The professionals know exactly what to do and can do it the official way Apple wants it done, allowing you to not have to worry about being able to keep updating your iOS, or having to jailbreak your iPhone and be left vulnerable to viruses, badly coded software and voiding your warranty. Plus going with someone like OfficialiPhoneUnlock you can be guaranteed to pay far less than your Telco will charge you for a factory unlock iPhone.

You don’t have to trouble yourself with installing dodgy software or learning how to unlock iphone 4 as they will do it all for you in just a few days and at an affordable price and perhaps the lowest in the market. Your information is 100% safe and your device is guaranteed to be fully functional and continue to gets the most iOS updates, and be free to use it with any provider and in any part of the world.

To access our partners services, you only need to send the phone’s serial (IMEI) number (dial *#060# to retrieve it) and get an instant factory unlock for your Iphone. It takes you a day or two to confirm your unlock from when you can connect the device with iTunes and you have unlocked your iPhone forever without any fiddly steps or software required.

Save On Hassel, Time, Money and Keep Your Warranty!
Get your iPhone unlocked today!

Do It Yourself – How To Unlock iPhone 4

Doing it yourself; especially when it’s your first time to use an iPhone 4 can give you troubles.
  1. The process begins with scouring the internet to try and find a suitable unlock software that is compatible with the iPhone 4 and with your computer.
  2. If there is any useful data on your phone that you want preserved, you have to back up to the device preferably a computer or a hard disk as the unlock software is likely to overwrite what is currently in the memory of the iphone and hence lose everything on it.
  3. Install the software onto your iPhone to remove all restrictions from your previous provider so you can now use your iphone with any telco provider. Be aware that most phones come pre-set with your providers settings already in the phones firmware, you will lose this when you install this new software.
  4. Restart the Phone, and wait 15-20 minutes while the update and installation completes, assuming it all goes well and the phone restarts (instead of ending up a useless brick) you can now configure the iPhone 4 again and use a new provider sim card.
  5. Once up and running, test the App Store, iTunes syncs and that you can use iCloud and other important services

Beware Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4

How To Unlock iPhone 4 Without Voiding Warranty or Using Software
When you Jailbreak the iPhone as the process of unlocking it and then use unofficial software to, you will no longer be able to install official iOS updates to your phone as they are released.

How Do I Unblock iPhone 4 Without a Sim Card?

Fear not! Unlocking the iPhone 4 without a sim card is not a complex process for a professional service provider as no software is needed just the phones IMEI. The service works on various versions of iphones and is complete in performance as it will not jailbreak the iphone.

Risky, Expensive, Or Simple – Which Do You Choose?

In conclusion, the steps on how to unlock iphone 4 are ultimately 1 of 3 choices.
  1. Risky: Use risky software that you don’t know who wrote it, where it came from and potentially expose your phone to hackers and malware.
  2. Expensive: Contact your old telco provider and ask them to unlock your iphone and be hit with a rather large fee.
  3. Simple: Work with our official partner – OfficialiPhoneUnlock – and use a safe, secure and official method that maintains warranty while unlocking your phone to useable on any carrier and provider at low cost.

The choice is yours!

What are you waiting for? Get your iPhone unlocked today!

Get your iPhone 4/4s unlocked at the lowest price

unlock iphone 4s - offical factory unlock - unlock nowChoosing how to get your iPhone unlocked can be tricky.

Fortunately we are now official partners with OfficialiPhoneUnlock. They are the No #1 iPhone unlocking provider and one of the cheapest unlocking services on the web.

You don't have to wait for the unofficial methods or waste time and energey trying to learn how to unlock your iPhone yourself using complicated methods.

When you get your iPhone unlocked with offcialiphoneunlock, you can safely update your iPhone to whatever firmware you like and take your phone anywhere in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone unlocked today!

Avoid using jailbreak methods, and other unofficial software hacks.

Get it done the same way your cellular provider does it, but at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, OfficialiPhoneUnlock even offer a price match guarantee, if you find a cheaper price they'll beat it.

That's just one of the reasons we chose to partner with them to support you all in getting you iPhone unlocked.

Unlocking an iPhone is not a difficult task

With a true "factory" unlock, like from the folks at OfficialiPhoneUnlock, your phone will function exactly as if it were hot off the factory floor with no lock to any carrier whatsoever! This is permanent, will NOT void your warranty, will NOT cause problems with software, and WILL allow you to update your iOS as often as you'd like. And Apple is cool with this type of unlock. Just make sure it is a "factory" unlock!

It is important to note that once you "factory" unlock your iPhone 4, Apple is not going to have any problems servicing your device or supporting you in any way, shape, or form. This is very different from a jailbreak, which Apple may have an issue with and it may void your warranty. This means that if the smart phone breaks for any reason – they will not help you repair it if it is jailbroken. Whereas "factory" unlocking your iPhone 4 will NOT void any warranties you have on the phone. Again, to be perfectly clear, Apple frowns upon jailbreaking the iPhone 4 but "factory" unlocking it does not affect your warranty.

Unlocking an iPhone 4 is something that most users are eager to do. This is because the user of an iPhone 4 will benefit a lot from unlocking their iPhone 4. It will allow them to use the phone with other SIM cards through other carriers. It will also allow them to travel and avoid paying ridiculously large roaming fees imposed by their carrier. They can simply plug in a low-cost SIM from any carrier wherever they are and they will have cell connectivity.

Fortunately, the process of unlocking the iPhone 4 is not a difficult one. In fact, all you have to do is contact a true "factory" unlocker. This is very different from a "software" unlock. With a software unlock you are going to have to locate a program that unlocks or jailbreaks an iPhone 4. You will just have to connect your iPhone 4 to your computer and run the application. It will go through the motions of unlocking your phone. But it will also void your warranty and may cause problems with the software on your phone, plus you can NEVER update your iOS again.

Unlock iPhone 4S

Unlocking and Jailbreaking the iPhone is almost a rage amongst the iPhone users. The main reason is that users want more flexibility and want to use the mobile carrier of their choice. Moreover, they want to spend less in roaming charges and have more choices and control of their phone, which is impossible without unlocking or jailbreaking the device.

Of course, the iPhone is a great gadget but it does not mean that the users have to pay the mobile carriers for using one. Therefore, unlocking becomes essential as it give you ample freedom to choose the carrier you want and also change carriers according to your wish and the plans.

Factory unlocking your iPhone 4S

A factory unlock is the ideal way to proceed, from a verified and trusted source like OfficialiPhoneunlock. However, if you want to gamble with a cheaper "software" unlock, keep these things in mind (remember, a "software" unlock is very different from a permanent "factory" unlock.
  • Get a dedicated software- These software are made specially to factory unlock the iPhone without damaging your device. Most of them are available at lower prices and it would be better to unlock your phone than buying a factory unlocked phone that only serves a selected carrier. Therefore, buying an already unlocked phone wouldn’t be a great choice. 
  • Install the software- the software would be installed on your iPhone and it will then be able to remove all restrictions from your previous carriers so that you can use the new SIM card. Be aware and cautious during this process as the CDMA carrier might have made a few modifications to programs like iTunes and it may become difficult for you to install any apps from the App Store or use the existing apps after the unlocking is complete. 
  • Restart and Reboot- the device might need to be restarted/rebooted in order unlock the phone. Therefore, give the complete process about 15-20 minutes to complete. Incomplete installation might result in damaged software that would not work in favor of any of the carriers from now on. With good software, the device might automatically restart and you would see an icon of ‘Cydia’ on your home screen. 
  • Test your device- You can restart your device manually in order to ensure that the unlocking process is complete. Moreover, you can start using the device for communication functions and see if it is working. Also check if you can successfully use the App Store and other functions. 

Now you do not have to feel guilty for unlocking the phone. However, be very careful during this process. If you are not an expert, better get it unlocked by a professional. This would greatly help you in using the iPhone your way. Learn how to unlock your iPhone today and enjoy any carrier on your unlocked 4S. You should have completed the process to unlock iphone 4s.

Unlock iPhone 4

To factory unlock iPhone 4 you need to go to a reputable source, and be careful of "software" unlocks. Any unlocking site that says they can unlock any carrier and any device in 5 minutes is a software unlock. This is not the preferred method.

People unlock usually because they travel abroad and want to use a phone that can be easily unlocked and used for carrying different GSM carriers at different times and locations. However, mobile carriers do not really like this step as it disables their exclusivity from the iPhone and they lose out on consumers.

Still unlocking the iPhone is quite a trend as you get to use the services of your favorite carrier and get the benefits of the best prices on your services. If you are the traveler, you will save a lot on roaming charges and will be able to use local carrier cards on your mobile during the stay. A very less talked about feature is that the resale value of the iPhone actually goes up after unlocking.

Factory unlock iPhone 4

As stated, a true permanent factory unlock from a reputable source such as OfficialiPhoneunlock is ideal, however if you must perform a cheaper software unlock follow these steps:

  • Check for baseband- go to settings, choose ‘About’ and then click on ‘Modern Firmware’. If you can see 1.59.00 than you have got the luckiest iPhone as you do not need any hardware modifications to unlock your phone. In other basebands, it may become a headache. 
  • Disable iTunes- this program generally interferes with the unlocking of the iPhone. Therefore, it is better to disable iTunes first and then go any further. 
  • Connect and Install- Next, you must connect your device to a PC and install any software that helps you break the iPhone lock. Once this program is installed, you are ready to move further. 
  • Access iTunes and change settings- now you can open the settings of the iTunes program and change the ‘Auto’ update to ‘Never’. 
  • Remove SIM- make sure that you have your IP address with port 22 handy before you do this. Now you can remove the SIM from your device and restart it. 
  • Process completion- the phone will start and check for the successful working of the new configuration and program customizations. It will take a few minutes for the phone to remove the previously installed restrictions for the mobile carrier and it would install the new processes. 
  • Reboot- On completing the last step, you have to reboot your device, insert a SIM card and see whether you are able to make a call or receive a text message. In case all these functions are being completed successfully, you have unlocked your iPhone and can now use the mobile carrier of your choice.
  • Unlock iPhone 4 today and set yourself free!
  • Carriers that we work with include vodafone uk, sprint, verizon at&t, virgin mobile, optus, t-mobile, and more.